Would You Have An Alpaca At Your Wedding?

Wedding trends come and go, season by season, and happy couples can often find it hard to decide which ones they want to incorporate into their own special days.

But if there’s one trend that has serious legs (literally and figuratively!) it’s having alpacas play a part in your wedding day. That’s right, we said alpacas!

You’ve got to have something to entertain your guests with and alpacas are perfect for this because they’re so comical and very charming… although you would be wise to warn people that they are known for spitting! So if someone comes to your wedding in haute couture it might be wise for them to steer well clear…

Some even believe that alpacas represent peace and prosperity so they’re actually perfect animals to invite to take part in your big day. And the best bit is that because it’s so very trendy for alpacas to be included by couples about to take the plunge, you’re sure to have someone in or near where you’re holding your wedding who has alpacas you can hire expressly for this purpose.

Part of the camelid species, alpacas are closely related to llamas (the resemblance is clear), originating from the Altiplano in west-central South America.

Although alpacas are herd animals and prefer the company of their friends, quickly becoming stressed if separated from each other, they’re very gentle and curious – and are very receptive of children, so you don’t need to worry if there are going to be little ones at your wedding.

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