What To Serve Instead Of Traditional Wedding Cake

One of the many heated debates that arise between couples and their parents when planning a wedding is the subject of the cake. Lots of brides and grooms’ parents insist their children serve fruitcake on their Big Day, as this is in keeping with tradition.

However, the loved-up pair might be tempted to opt for something a bit quirkier. Here are some alternatives to traditional wedding cake that you might like the look of.


– Cheese cake

Now, while we have all probably had a cheesecake, with a biscuit base and cream cheese filling, perhaps fewer among us have experienced tucking into a ‘cake’ formed by stacking rounds of cheese on top of each other.

This is a must-have for cheese lovers, and it makes for a great option to give guests at the evening reception served with crackers, chutney and grapes, instead of a buffet.


– Dessert tables

If you have lots of avid baking fans among your friends and family, why not create a dessert table at your wedding? Invite guests who love to whisk up treats to produce something for your Big Day and present all the offerings on a table. Not only does it look delightful but it allows people to tuck into whatever cake or bake they fancy.


– Local delicacies

Why not celebrate where you’re from by making a tiered version of their best produce? For instance, Mancunians could present a stack of Eccles cakes to guests, while those from the Peak District might want to serve three tiers of Bakewell Tarts.

If you or your partner is from Italy, you could have a profiterole tower, while those from the Middle East could let their guests try stacks of baklava. It is a great way to incorporate your heritage into your wedding day.


Favourite sponge cake

Of course, you don’t have to do away with cakes entirely just because you don’t want a fruitcake. Why not copy Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and simple opt for your favourite cake instead.

The royal couple are going to serve a lemon and elderflower cake by baker Claire Ptak when they tie the knot on May 19th.

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