Are Barn Weddings The Way To Go?

Many couples are turning their backs on more traditional wedding venues and instead opting to tie the knot in what they see as a rural idyll. They’re often pitched as being a cheaper alternative to traditional weddings, but to get the Instagram-perfect look you often have to splash some cash.

Writing for Quartz Annaliese Griffin explored the rise of barn weddings as a trend. She pointed out that one thing that brides and grooms can easily forget is that these venues aren’t designed to host large groups of people.

That means as well as hiring the venue, you also need to arrange lighting, heating (in the winter), toilets, catering and cooking equipment, furniture and all the decor that goes with a wedding.

“Barns were designed to house hay and four-legged animals, for the most part, and tend to lack many basic amenities,” she stated.

However, Ms Griffin had her own wedding in a barn and admits that they have their own charm as wedding venues. She also noted that some farmers are using the trend for barn weddings to their advantage and have renovated farm buildings to cater for the rising number of couples who want to tie the knot in the countryside.

Wedding venue styling at a barn will be very different to what you’d find in a five-star hotel, so make sure that you spend plenty of time talking to your wedding planners about exactly what you want.

Business Insider UK recently cited figures from a survey by publication The Knot which noted a significant fall in the number of couples hosting their weddings in hotel reception rooms and banquet halls in recent years.

One author at the magazine noted that couples often prefer to choose venues that “reflect their personalities”, rather than opting for tried-and-tested favourites.

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