Wedding Venue and Event Styling Tips

The following four factors will help you to determine how your wedding venue ought to be styled:

The theme you will choose for wedding will obviously influence event styling.  Whether you choose to have a special theme wedding or not there will have to be a theme according to which you will be deciding your wedding décor. The wedding should reflect the taste of you and your spouse to be and at the same time echo the general mood of your guests. Decide if you want a fun party wedding or a traditional ceremony first and then go ahead and choose your colours and decorations.

The time of the year that you choose to get married will always have a role to play in how you will decorate your wedding.  For instance, an outdoor event in the winter months would not be a good idea and planning a garden arrangement would not be wise.

The wedding venue plays an integral part.  If you have managed to arrange your ceremony in a medieval castle or a yacht you can decorate it keeping in mind the locale and the ambiance of the wedding site.  On a second thought if your wedding is to be in an otherwise non-descript area (like say your house) you can concentrate on a certain specific theme to create a special atmosphere.

Finally, the budget will determine exactly how you will style your event.  No point planning bouquets of imported flowers and swans and ice sculptures if you are on a low budget that doesn’t permit this.

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