Would You Risk An Outdoor Wedding?

Although Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle may have been the talk of the country this year, there’s another royal wedding taking place in October.

Princess Eugenie is set to marry Jack Brooksbank at the Royal Lodge in Windsor later this year and the couple are taking a gamble on the British weather by choosing to have their reception outdoors.

Despite some forecasters predicting an Indian summer for the UK, this is far from a certainty. The couple will be using a marquee in the grounds of the Royal Lodge for the celebrations on their big day.

Just like Harry and Meghan, the Queen will host a formal reception for the couple at Windsor Castle after the wedding service, with guests moving to the marquee for the remainder of the reception.

According to the Daily Mail, there will be 1,200 guests at Princess Eugenie’s wedding, which means they will probably need a very large marquee, or possibly more than one, to accommodate everyone.

But would you risk the having an outdoor wedding reception at this time of the year in the UK? If it’s sunny and warm it will be stunning, but we all know how quickly the weather can turn and there are no guarantees the rain clouds will stay away.

If you have your heart set on hosting your wedding reception in a more natural setting, talk to your wedding decorators in Hampshire about how you can bring the outside in to ensure you have the best of both worlds.

Make use of this summer’s top wedding trends, such as using wild flowers in your bouquet and table decorations, or even using fragrant potted plants in the decor to help add another element to your special day.

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