Tips And Advice For Keeping Kids Entertained At Your Wedding

When it comes to planning for a big family gathering, whether it be for an engagement party, wedding reception or birthday, one thing everyone aims for is to create a sense of togetherness. One area that is important to get right is catering to the needs of children. In this article, we shall be outlining some activity ideas to keep children entertained, happy and calm at your event.


Planning and Preparation

For children too, marriage must also be a special day. Even though the concept may be quite abstract to them, helping them understand the idea can become an important lesson in their early life. A simple way of getting them involved before the big day is to ask if they would like to help with the preparation of personalised items such as table place cards and invitations. Keeping them busy all evening with a few coloured pencils can end up being an excellent pre-party for them too!


The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is undoubtedly the pinnacle of your special day. Therefore, to avoid the emotional group effect that many children fall under during family gatherings, advise each parent to keep their child close to them during the ceremony. Another good idea is to offer the youngest children the possibility of participating in the service by distributing hymn sheets or throwing confetti. Empowering them will make them more attentive, plus, they will look super-cute in photographs of the day.

If space permits, set aside a child-friendly area in the reception area, as well as outside during the cocktail reception for the little ones to be able to play, run and scream without disturbing the older children.


Fun & Games At The Reception

A treasure hunt at the venue, with riddles to solve and clues to discover is a excellent way to entertain little ones … and maybe the big ones too! Certainly, it will require some preparation and supervision, so perhaps think about hiring one or more babysitters. Late-teenage nieces and cousins, who are up for making a few quid is a good tip, as they can facilitate the activities, watch over at meals and help get kids to bed (especially if the parents will be up late). Alternatively, laying out toys and games in a well visible and snug little area keeps excitable kids busy. Consider running a drawing or clay figurine contest and providing small gifts as a reward. Success assured!

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