Summer Wedding Venue Styling Ideas


Dreaming of waterside affairs under the warm sun, a tented garden or lush green lawns?  Summer is the most popular time of year for wedding for a reason, there are many ways to plan and decorate for a summer wedding.  Summer is beautiful! – Be inspired by your favourite aspect.  Do you love the beach and the sea or do you daydream about fields full of wild flowers?

Summer lends itself well to using assorted colours, especially when they are bright.  You may want to consider a rainbow colour scheme that incorporates a variety of colours, such as purple, pink, and yellow.  The taste of fresh lemonade also evokes summertime.  Use this to inspire bold, citrus colours for your special day like bright lemon or orange.  Pastel colours like baby pink, pale blue, and lavender are a very popular choice for summer weddings. 

For couples considering an outdoor wedding in the full bloom of summer, flowers and the beauty of nature should be part of the big day.  Roses equal romance and flowers are a great summer theme.  Summer blooms can be as elegant and traditional as calla lilies and roses, or as playful and simple as dahlias, daisies and chrysanthemums.  The cherry blossom is a Japanese symbol of prosperity and good luck.  A traditional symbol of love and marriage, cherry blossom themed wedding favours can be a perfect fit for a floral themed summer wedding.  A unique wedding favour like a packet of wildflower seeds will remind guests of your wedding with style and natural elegance.

Two popular decor themes for summer weddings are tropical and beach.  Think about incorporating a beach themed cake topper or sea glass colours for your tableware.

From cheery, bright and tropical colours, to cool blue and green beach themes, to romantic pinks and roses, summer is sure to inspire any bride.

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