Ideas To Scent Your Wedding

With news breaking that the Royal Wedding’s venue stylist opted for Diptyque scented candles to add a touch of spring florals to the air, ensuring your wedding reception has an inviting scent is sure to be high on the agenda for couples looking to tie the knot in coming months.

While we’re sure to take care of the visual side of things with an event decorator, when it comes to our other senses, we can be a bit slack. However, imagine having a scent associated with your special day, so that every time you smell it, you’re taken back to those moments.

“Scenting a wedding creates a fantastic ‘smell memory’ for all the guests,” says Jo Fairley, Co-Founder of The Perfume Society. “Who wouldn’t want the memory of their wedding to be a gorgeous scented candle, rather than a whiff of damp?”

However, candles are not the only way to bring this sense alive at your ceremony or reception. Also consider scents when it comes to your flowers. While you might be set on your favourite flowers visually, not all of them are fragrant. Some peonies, for example, do not have a strong scent, however, you can look to fresh foliage to imbue your flowers with more fragrance. Herby greens, such as thyme and sage, are a growing trend when it comes to wedding flowers. Otherwise, take advice on floral which can add to scent of a bouquet, even if their presence is not as huge as your showcase blooms.

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