Which Flowers Will Be In Season In May?

The best wedding decorators Hampshire has to offer can help you decide on the most suitable flower arrangements for your wedding.

One areas to consider is which flowers will actually be in season when your wedding comes around.

If you are planning on being a May bride then you should make sure you read on to find out which flowers will be at their peak on your wedding day:

Peruvian lily – Many brides love the small bright blooms that come from a Peruvian lily. They are a cost-effective way to bulk out a bouquet, and allow other stems to really stand out.

Peonies – Peonies have been rising in popularity for a number of years now and are perfect for anyone who wants big bold flowers at their wedding. They fit perfectly with most shabby chic and country-style looks, and pair brilliantly with other smaller flowers too.

Sweet pea – If you have a family member who is a gardener make sure you get hold of some of their sweet peas this year. Perfect for small table decorations, they are also great to have in a bouquet.

Delphinium – This is another great choice for people who want bold colour and shape in their floral arrangements. Choose richly coloured stems as a focal point for any arrangements you include in your wedding.

Pink rose – Roses will just about be starting to appear in May, so consider including a couple of these romantic stems into your bouquet or even buttonholes.

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