East London Baker To Make Royal Wedding Cake

Choosing your wedding cake is one of the most important jobs when organising your Big Day, as well as buying your dream dress and sorting out your event styling. And, just like everything else, you’ll find many of your guests have an opinion about what cake you should go for.

Your friends may want chocolate cake; you might prefer a three-tiered selection of cheese rounds; and the traditionalists among your guest list will be mortified if you don’t have a fruitcake. Well, this is the problem Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently facing, as they are shunning royal tradition and opting for a sponge cake instead of a rich fruit one.

The Daily Mail reported that the happy couple have opted for Claire Ptak – owner of Violet Bakery in Hackney – to make their cake, which is believed to be lemon and elderflower to reflect their springtime wedding date.

London-based Ptak is originally from San Francisco and is well-known for her organic ingredients and her American-style bakes. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Markle, who was born in Los Angeles, has chosen the chef for their Big Day.

Another reason why the couple might have picked Ptak, who started out on a stall in Broadway Market, east London, is because Meghan once interviewed her when she ran her lifestyle blog TheTig.com.

While Claire started her own business on a market, she has a rich experience working with the best bakers. She worked as a pastry chef at Chez Panisse in California, before finding employment at The Anchor and Hope and St John and Moro in London.

Prince Harry’s wedding cake could not be more different to that of his brother’s. Indeed, for those who don’t remember, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had an impressive eight-tiered fruitcake created by Fiona Cairns for their 2011 nuptials.

More than 900 sugar-paste flowers adorned the magnificent creation and the cake was decorated in cream and white icing.

Of course, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are already known for breaking tradition and have invited 2,640 ‘commoners’ to their special day on May 19th.

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