Florists Share Favourite Wedding Blooms

If you’re currently working with wedding decorators in Surrey to finalise the plans for your big day, one of the things you’ll no doubt be looking at is the flowers that you’ll not only carry down the aisle in your bouquet, but that will also dress your wedding venue.

There is a growing range of choices out there for brides and grooms to pick from, so to help you narrow it down check out the blooms that florists told Brides that they love at the moment.

For anyone planning a spring wedding who’s looking for the perfect seasonal flower, tulips could be the way to go. Denise Fasanello Flowers told the publication that the reason tulips are such a wonderful pick is because of their variety.

“Whereas some flowers exude one type of feeling, tulips possess them all. Some can be happy and joyful; others are dramatic and sexy. They can be feminine and masculine,” the florist stated.

Another spring favourite is poppies, with Doan Ly of a.p bio designs picking this bloom. Meanwhile two other florists picked different varieties of ranunculus as their top flowers.

For something dramatic, however, the choice of Sheridan Tjhung could be the inspiration you’re looking for. She highlighted Japanese super long phalenopsis orchids, noting that they “cascade so beautifully”.

One bride who is likely to influence wedding flower choices this year is Meghan Markle. There is much speculation about her forthcoming wedding to Prince Harry, including what flowers will feature in her bouquet.

Some are predicting that she’ll choose peonies for her bouquet, not only because they are believed to be the actress’s favourite flower, but also because they’ll be in season in May when the wedding is set to take place.

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