Floral Wedding Trends To Watch This Year

When it comes to wedding venue styling, one of the key elements of any design is the floral arrangements – not only which blooms you’re going to include, but also how they’re going to be displayed.

Fashions are constantly changing and it’s no different with florals. The Metro recently highlighted some of the trends tipped to be big this year and into 2019 following the Chelsea Flower Show.

One of the big trends is a shift towards British blooms and flowers that are seasonal. Locally-grown flowers are among the most sought-after, while many brides-to-be are also looking for bouquets and arrangements that have been ethically produced.

Fragrance is also important, and flowers that have a delicate aroma are likely to be favoured in the coming months. Think freesia, roses, lily of the valley, tuberosa, pinks and sweet pea, the newspaper noted.

Arrangements at the venue won’t be restricted to table centrepieces either, with a rising number of couples opting for hanging flowers, which can add a touch of drama or magic to a space, as well as freeing up room on the tables.

Of course, the recent royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will no doubt spark a host of trends. The Morton Report recently took a detailed look at Meghan’s bouquet, noting that it was notable for its lack of “large, focal point flowers”.

Instead, it was a “seemingly artless bouquet of fresh-from-the-garden flowers”, which the news provider predicted will shape floral trends at nuptials for a number of years.

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