A Guide To Chair Covers For Weddings


The chair cover has, in the past, been primarily used to cover mismatched chairs or chairs of poor quality.  Chairs are probably the items in a banquet hall or venue that get the most wear and tear.  So even with well made chairs, it is easy to see them develop nicks, scratches and other blemishes that show their age.  By covering those signs of age, the chairs become like new. 

But increasingly often, chair covers for weddings are used to maintain the colour theme of a wedding and event.  You will also find that most wedding reception venues can provide their own chair covers, which will usually be white or ivory, but that they may sometimes not be up to the standard you would like.  

Wedding chair covers are available in a range of covers and textures.  Many brides will go for cotton, but if you want to impress your guests then you can choose silk or satin; however, you should be aware that the latter two chair covers are the most expensive, but they will also provide the most luxury and provide maximum impact. It is good to stick to colours like white, off white or ivory or black.  

A chair cover at your reception shouldn’t be without accessories, such as bows and sashes.  These decorations not only look good but they also serve to keep the covers in place, and they all look the same.  A little creativity can go a long way in creating a lovely effect.  A big sash that matches the wedding chair covers is another addition that makes it elegant.  Personalised chair cover sashes can be used around the chairs and these will generally match the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses or flowers. 

Wedding venue styling companies will have a large selection of wedding chair covers and sashes to compliment your colour theme.

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