Event Chair Covers and Sashes

A chosen decor can make or break the atmosphere of the party, thus a careful selection of must be considered.  You might think that chair covers aren’t a key part of your styling, but when you have many chairs in a room, the colour and consistency becomes important.

To cover or not to cover that is the question.

Modern venues which have been refurbished may not require the use of chair covers.  The chair cover has in the past been primarily used to cover mismatched chairs or chairs of poor quality.  But more and more chair covers are used to maintain the colour theme of the wedding or other event.  For instance, the sashes you use around the chairs can match the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses or flowers.

Most wedding reception venues can provide their own chair covers, usually in white or ivory.  Hire companies have a larger selection of chair covers and sashes to compliment your colour theme.

Depending on the quality of the chairs will determine whether it is necessary to hire chair covers.  Whilst it has become commonplace for wedding and corporate events, it is not essential if you have fashionable new chairs.

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